Clinical Management of the Child with Enamel Hypomineralization Before and During Orthodontic Treatment

by Bagattoni Simone

Molar Incisor Hypomineralization was defined in 2001 as a “hypomineralization of systemic origin, presenting as demarcated, qualitative defects of the enamel of one to four first permanent molars frequently associated with affected incisors”. Permanent molars affected by enamel hypomineralization are a current clinical problem, involving professionals, patients and parents. Early diagnosis is essential to provide correct information on the health status of these teeth, on the importance of constant monitoring and to implement effective preventive programs. The dental team must know the characteristics of this pathology in order to implement strategies aimed at preventing serious and rapid complications such as post-eruptive breakdown and caries, especially during orthodontic treatments. The dental hygienist suggests proper dietary therapy and mineralization strategies. The prevention of caries of pits and fissures requires the use of dental sealants: it is essential to know the most suitable materials for the molars affected by hypomineralization, in order to prevent loss of material or infiltrations.

Learning Objectives

After this lecture, you will be able to correctly diagnose enamel hypomineralizations
After this lecture, you will be able to implement mineralization strategies
After this lecture, you will be able to choose the most suitable dental sealants for molars affected by enamel hypomineralization